Woodland’s Advantages

There seems to be confusion among some concerning the differences between an engineered hardwood and the equally popular laminate flooring variety. Simply put, a laminate is a substrate constructed of high-density fiberboard, or even concrete, to which a highly detailed image of wood has been applied. While it may be hard to spot the visual difference at a distance, up close the natural textures of engineered hardwood are readily apparent.

In addition to its superior look, an engineered hardwood can be sanded or refinished—unlike laminates— which makes it the better choice for savvy consumers looking to create warm, home environments that will last for years. Our Woodland Series consists of a core of solid Baltic birch, to which a surface layer of authentic hardwood (frequently called a veneer) is applied. This gives engineered hardwood inherent advantages in strength and durability, and permits it to remain stable in environments where humidity and temperature could create problems in expansion and contraction for solid wood floors.

When compared to the cost for solid wood flooring, Woodland Series is far less expensive and can be applied to a wide range of subflooring types including concrete. This not only makes it easy for installers to use, but it offers interior designers and consumers greater flexibility in remodeling and giving an old space a new look in little time. Again we have to emphasize that for those looking for a warm, natural look, engineered hardwoods are virtually indistinguishable from that of a solid hardwood (the same is not true of a laminate surface).

The Woodland Series from Southern Luxe offers you a classic, light handscraped, surface in five inch board width that is easy to maintain and install. In addition to cost and structural benefits, an engineered hardwood gives homeowners the opportunity to create healthier living environments. Offering Environmentally Sustainable Hardwoods At Southern Luxe we harbor a deep appreciation for Mother Nature's beauty and strive to preserve her charm for future generations to enjoy. By providing beautifully engineered hardwoods we are offering consumers the chance to enjoy wood's own natural beauty for themselves at home. Since engineered hardwood uses parts or remnants of trees in their construction, your choice to use them is environmentally conscious and helps lower the world's carbon footprint as well. In short, an engineered hardwood floor is a statement of good taste, a wise economic decision, and a solid investment in our planet's future.

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