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    Claiming that a perfectly installed floor can “elevate” interior design to new heights may seem like a pretty lofty promise until you stand back and look at how the Southern Luxe™ Collection can create a mosaic of light and rich color in a totally unfurnished room. Even sunshine from the windows wants to be one with our beautiful flooring.

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    Nothing makes a statement of well-heeled style quite like flooring from the Southern Luxe™ Collection. But the lasting impression it leaves also encompasses elements of tradition, craft and warmth nurtured for generations in Southern architecture. Our Magnolia Series offers you options for solid wood flooring, the most abundantly renewable flooring material available, and comes with a 50-year warranty. Our Dogwood Series combines choices that maximize the strength and stability of engineered wood flooring and includes a 25-year residential warranty. Both series remain unsurpassed at meeting the needs of today’s most-wanted styles and lifestyles.

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