The Magnolia Series

Others may supply wood flooring, but no one else provides the warm, comfortable look you'll find with the Magnolia Series from Southern Luxe. Based on the rich wood hues and textures so familiar to antebellum plantations and classic southern cotton mills. The Magnolia Series is perfect for residential or commecial living spaces.

Magnolia’s Advantages

Certainly Magnolia's aesthetic beauty is a key incentive for anyone designing a tranquil living space, but this series offers other advantages as well. Our solid hardwood flooring comes in a variety of styles, colors and two board widths ( 3 ¼ in. and 2 ¼ in.), providing a host of looks ranging from simple rustic to contemporary. Magnolia is easy to install and simple to maintain. Manufactured here in the USA, this two-sided, ¾ inch microbeveled, opengrained solid hardwood. Comes with a 50- year warranty, delivering a vibrant solid that will last and stay good looking with minimal cleaning effort and little expense. Additionally, Magnolia is built to be highly durable and strong. No matter the amount of foot traffic or whatever the setting, solid wood flooring offers users an ideal mix of strength under pressure; qualities that can only be matched by far more expensive materials or metal.

Magnolia Series: Details

Our Magnolia Series was crafted to emulate the rich wood hues found in antique southern mansions and old cotton mills. Finally, all Southern Luxe Collections provide consumers with a safer, healthier environmental option. Offering Environmentally Sustainable Hardwoods Southern Luxe offers an abiding passion to do all we can to protect and safeguard our natural resources so other generations may enjoy them as well. This is why our hardwood selections are sourced from forests where materials are harvested using environmentally sensitive methods, and manufactured utilizing processes which minimize their impact upon the environment.

Service As Well As Beauty

We believe that your enjoyment of our products depends as much on the satisfaction you derive from the quality of materials we use.

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