The Dogwood Series

Nothing enriches the decor more than a natural surface like you find in wood. Based on the rich hues and textures found in antique Southern homes and cotton mills. The southern Luxe Dogwood Series looks superb and offers many advantages economically.

Dogwood’s Advantages

The Dogwood Series is considered an engineered hardwood, which is not to be confused with a laminate. A laminate is basically a highly detailed image of wood applied to a substrate such as high-density fiberboard or even concrete. A laminate cannot be sanded or refinished.

Our Dogwood Series is composed of a prefinished surface layer of authentic hardwood (often called a veneer), over a core of solid Baltic birch, which gives advantages in strength, durability and stability in places where humidity or temperature could pose problems in wood expansion and contraction for solid wood flooring. When compared to the cost for solid wood flooring, Dogwood is less expensive and virtually indistinguishable in appearance from a solid hardwood (the same cannot be said for a laminate). An engineered hardwood can be applied to a variety of subflooring types, even concrete, which provides benefits to architects.

The Dogwood Series from Southern Luxe is offered in a smooth surface five inch board width, and is very easy to maintain and install. Like all Southern Luxe surfaces, the Dogwood Series is made in the USA. Providing good looks with a 3⁄8 inch thick, 4-sided beveled, engineered hardwood that offers a 25-year warranty.

Offering Environmentally Sustainable Hardwoods Southern Luxe offers a safeguard to our natural resources so other generations may enjoy them as well. Our hardwood selections are sourced from forest where materials are harvested using environmentally sensitive methods, and manufactured, utilizing processes which minimize their environmental footprint. All Southern Luxe floors are fully compliant with the provisions of the Lacey Act and the California Phase II Compliance for formaldehyde emissions (CARB 2).

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